Monday, July 2

the last supper

so Gohm is leaving for Cali. not for a vacation, but forever. getting into it at this point is just gonna make me cry so i'm going to side-step that topic right now. instead, i'll talk about the last dinner Gohm and i had on his last night.

originally, we had plans to eat at Ninja, b/c Gohm had been really excited about the restaurant when it had first opened, but after reading reviews of the place (which ranged from cheesy but good food, to cheesy and not good food) we decided to go somewhere else. i suggested EN Japanese Brasserie. i've been dying to eat here for a while so it worked out well. we got the $100 tasting menu for 2 which was a 10 course meal. i can't remember all the courses but i'll recount what i can:

1.tofu sampler: yubu sashimi, yam gelee, fresh made tofu in ponzu sauce
i liked this but Gohm and i weren't too fond of the gelee b/c of the texture.
2. sashimi: o-toro, kampachi and something i didn't recognize
3. creamy avocado and shrimp salad
totally yummy salad drenched in mayo. so unhealthy but so yummy!
4.fried shrimp fritter and fish
5. chicken sausage
6.saikyo black miso cod
7.bershire pork
8.rice steamed w/salmon and topped w/salmon caviar and mint
9. fuji apple sorbet and black sesame ice cream
the sorbet really tasted like apple and the ice cream was so creamy and delicious. Gohm said the sorbet reminded him of his hamani.

we also added a fried chicken small plate as well since Gohm's such a big fan of japanese fried chicken. the meal was great and the setting was gorgeous and tranquil (not too crowded on a monday night at 6:45 pm). the only downside was Gohm got pretty buzzed/drunk from the large warm sake he had at the start of the meal and then the bottle of sake we ordered w/the tasting so he couldn't really eat much after the black cod course.

afterwards we went back to brooklyn to meet w/the BLSers to watch the premiere of transformers at 11:15. i actually really liked the movie except for the ending which was a little cheesy, but i thought for the most part the movie did well balancing some funny w/the action of the film. Gohm was pretty cranky by the end of the night from being tired so it was best we went to bed so he could get rested.

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