Wednesday, July 18

happy birthday Debs!

so Debs turned the big 'ol 24 and decided to throw her party at 230 Fifth. i invited Egg, Kiks and Chen to come along and we all got ready together before heading out, albeit kind of late.

due to some misdirection by Egg we got out at the wrong subway stop and had to walk 8 blocks back to 27th and 5th where the party was. we slowly trundled along and was just a block away when i got a text message from Debs saying that 230 Fifth had been shut down and she was moving the party to Hotel on Rivington. sure enough, when i look up i see an enormous crowd outside of 230 Fifth. ppl are still waiting in line but it's pretty obvious that no one's getting in. to this day, no one knows what happened. it's a mystery.

so we hop back on the subway and once again get off at the wrong stop but finally get to Hotel on Rivington where we immediately feel like VIP b/c there's a line to get in but we get to jump in front of it b/c Debs has booked a table. love that feeling. while i definitely liked that place and had a good time seeing some of Debs' Tufts friends i haven't seen in a while, i'm not sure that i'll be back anytime soon. there's just nothing that's overly impressive/singularly unique about the place.

afterwards, Kiks decides to head home and Egg, Chen and i move onto Living Room right around the corner for another drink. was pretty buzzed by the time we got here and could only plop myself down on a bar stool and slowly slip by raspberry stoli and soda while i played 3rd wheel to Egg and Chen. we finished our drinks and headed home, where i made Chen some ramen to finish off the night.

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