Monday, July 23

Slate-another goodbye

argh...i knew today was gonna be a bad day. i just woke up and had a bad feeling. i think all my late night sleeping has finally caught up w/me b/c i was super-cranky when i first woke up. how did i know that i was super-cranky? well, when i woke up and smelled cig smoke i was immediately pissed at Wifey for smoking in her room at 9 am. that's when i figured i was gonna be a little touchey today. following this incident was the GINORMOUS field trip i got stuck behind trying to get down to the subway which caused me to miss my train.

but let's not dwell on bad things rights? so instead i'm gonna post about something i thought was fun (sort of) and has at least got hilarious pics.

so the last weekend before Gohm moved back to Cali (which btw i was made fun of for; doesn't anyone else refer to California as "Cali"? i can't be the only one), one of his MANY tongsen (and yes i know i butcher the english translation of korean words) had a bday party at Slate. Slate i actually like except for its location (Meatpacking/Chelsea) b/c it automatically means you have to wait in line if you don't have a table which is reedonkulous for what is essentially a giant billiards place w/a lounge above it. either way, shots abounded and everyone had fun.
Minchul in particular since he was drunk enough to jump on top of Um which Um wasn't expecting and ultimately caused him to fall over onto a wet spot on the sidewalk. we all decided to go to Gahm Mi Oak (as always) for some food and Gohm, Stitch, Um and i followed Oppa and Joebo to their cars, hoping for a ride. the Boys Club came as well, although Muscles kept mentioning that their car was parked in the opposite direction, but nobody really listened to him. so we'd finally walked about 5/6 avenue blocks to get to Oppa's car when Boys Club finally realized how far away from their car they were and they had to head back and they would meet us in ktown.

(Minchul on top and Um on the bottom. notice the wet spot...)

we all got to Gahm Mi Oak fine, but Boys Club arrived about an hour after us. why? b/c they got lost. Muscles made the mistake of using Minchul as a guide and 1st they got lost trying to find their car although it was parked only a block from Slate, then they couldn't find their way to ktown and somewhere along the way they had to take a cab back to their car. Muscles was so pissed when he finally sat down to eat his sul rul tang. i suspect Muscles was kinda drunk too tho b/c after his sul rul tang arrived, he starts eating, then asks the waiter for rice. he then turns to me and Dom and asks, "shouldn't there be rice in this?" he continues to eat and suddenly realizes, yes, there is rice at the bottom of the soup bowl. we go to Gahm Mi Oak almost every time we go out. and they always order sul rul tang.

you can see why i was so stunned by his questions, right?

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