Sunday, July 8

surviving being single

so last night actually went well. Pal, being my go-to-gal for being single, has recently hit a snag w/her live-in boyfriend and has started to browse the bars which works towards my advantage. Chen also came out, which is a good step towards creating the single posse. We ended up going to Public House, which is a nice midtown trendy bar for working stiffs and just low key enough to not overwhelm me. As soon as Chen arrived we began catching up so there was no focus on trying to meet random boys/any such activity which is great b/c of the delicate Gohm situation.

after a while we all headed towards Crocodile Lounge to meet Bear, who i haven't seen/significantly talked to since Gohm and i started dating. luckily for all of us, Crocodile Lounge gives out free pizza for every drink you buy which was good b/c neither Chen/Pal/i had eaten any dinner. Pal quickly gave out and began to feel sick (there were some sneaky llager shots previously ingested at Public House from another guy) so she went home. Bear, Chen and i stayed, Bear mainly out of respect. i caught up w/Bear and then Chen came home w/me to Brooklyn to crash.

the next day i had another reason to go out. this time w/Gohm's friends. this was really important. i've definitely grown to like some of them as people and it would've been sad to not be able to be friends/hang out w/them simply b/c Gohm moved back to Cali. so Chen decided she needed to be social and stayed in Brooklyn so we could go out together. it was like living together b/c we went to brunch and shopping and took a giant nap (having not gone to sleep until 6 am the previous night) and then we headed to Katra to meet Oppa and Tina's party. Stitch and Um met us there along w/the Boys Club. it was a great opportunity to hang w/everyone and establish a presence and bond beyond just being Gohm's girlfriend (now ex-girlfriend). everyone had a good time; it wasn't awkward, and i genuinely hope that we can all do this again.

Chen got along well w/the Boys Club, which is the 1st time they've actually been really nice to anyone i've brought out. of course it helped that i'd brought a cute, good-looking Asian girl. she got pretty drunk, drinking well past her usual 3-drink limit and even taking a shot w/one of the guys. the final result was that we teetered back to Brooklyn on the subway and then she got a ginormous craving for cup-o-noodles and we stopped into the 24-hr deli to get her food. we finally find the cup-o-noodles and Chen grabs 2 then notices that next to the cup-o-noodles is a larger bowl-of-noodles and she immediately drops what's in her hand so she can go for the bigger portions. pretty hilarious to watch a drunken girl frantically look for instant noodles at 5 in the morning

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