Thursday, July 26

lobsters galore!

so last week Bubby, Kiks and i went to City Lobster and Crab Company for Restaurant Week. the place was pretty packed and it seemed like everyone was getting the Restaurant Week menu. we all pretty much knew what we were gonna order before we even arrived at the restaurant.

for starters Bubby and i split an order of raw oyster samplers. it's not part of the Restaurant Week menu but both Bubby and i were craving it. there were 5 kinds of oysters, 2 of each kind so it worked out perfectly as an appetizer for us to share. after, i got the lobster bisque while Kiks and Bubby both got the crabcakes. while the bisque was good, w/lots of lobster pieces, it wasn't as creamy as i usually like my bisques to be. the crabcake on the other hand was delicious from the bites i stole from Bubby. and it was huge. who doesn't love a whole lump of crab? we all got lobster as an entree although there was a steak and fish option as well. i'd wished i'd brought my camera b/c they give those giant plastic bibs to eat w/the lobster. although none of us wore them, if i'd had my camera i'd definitely would've made us just for the photo op (even if Kiks swears that b/c she's from Maine she's forbidden to wear the lobster bib). dessert was a choice of key lime pie w/coconut sorbet and chocolate cake w/vanilla ice cream. both desserts were super creamy, although creaminess isn't necessarily a great thing when discussing key lime pie and they forget the coconut sorbet.

overall, it was a yummy dinner and it was nice to have a quiet but still social night out w/o having to suffer a hangover in the morning.

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