Wednesday, June 6


boys will be boys
wildin' out to Britney Spears

so for my birthday i got the idea for a karoake party at Japas 27. we got a great deal for a room for 3 hrs w/all the sushi and drinks we could order. me and the BLS crew headed out and met up w/Gohm and then Spoon, Debs, Kiks and Bubby met us there. it was a great time, singing lots of 80s songs, dancing, and sake bombs all around.
sake bombs!
Egg singing "Oklahoma!" Even Debs got into it!
adidas starting to get a lil' crazy and handsy w/the men

afterwards, we headed towards le banc for some more drinks. unfortunately, Adidas wasn't allowed in b/c he was too inebriated, so the party split up and Gohm and i, along w/Chen and Egg headed back to Brooklyn for more drinks and darts at Buck's before heading home.
me and Chen posing at Le Banc

the next morning, we all headed to Bar Tabac for brunch and all of us were suffering from the night before. still, a great birthday party w/some great people.

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