Saturday, July 28

jumping on beds

so GJ had her birthday party at Duvet, which i haven't been to since ASW's bridal shower. Egg and i went there together and although girls get in for free, Egg had to pay $20 cover. it's been so long since i've been anywhere that requires a cover and i'm surprised places like this still exist.
turns out there's open bar from 8 pm-11 pm and we arrived w/about 15 mins left so we bee-lined to the bar to drink as many free drinks as possible. otherwise, the place was nice but not packed and the crowd's definitely very varied, from B&T crowd to very middle-aged. there was a hilarious older guy who was obviously out on the prowl and not afraid to dance (badly). the place played an eclectic mix of music ranging from 80s to R&B/hip hop, which i like. we all danced a lot, jumped on beds and GJ got a variety of birthday shots and was pretty drunk by the end of the night, which is the whole point right?
afterwards Egg and i walked to Reservoir near Union Square, which was one of the only places open after 2 am in that area. the place is an atypical dive bar, nothing special. the whole way there we walked past a multitude of street vendors selling kebabs and we were literally salivating tho neither of us were hungry. when we were getting ready to leave Egg realized he had left his credit card and ID at Duvet and we booked it back there before they closed to get it. luckily everything was ok.

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