Thursday, July 19

launching Restaurant Week w/Pal

so i went to my first Restaurant Week dinner last night w/Pal at Brasserie 8 1/2. i should've steeled myself for the night ahead b/c my very first Restaurant Week meal ever had been w/Pal over 2 years ago at Sushi Samba and that night was insanity. this night wasn't much different.

initially i was extremely tired and decided to take a quick nap after work before going to meet Pal. this ended up being a big mistake b/c i overslept and woke up at 7 pm when our reservation was at 7:30 pm. oops. so i booked it over there and finally met Pal and we sat at the bar and waited to be seated. for some reason, even tho i wasn't starving, i was fixated on putting stuff in my mouth and just couldn't stop munching. luckily for me Brasserie 8 1/2 puts yummy spiced nuts and adorable little olives out for customers to munch on so i was content until we got seated.

Brasserie 8 1/2's Restaurant Week menu is actually very good. at the waitress' suggestion i got the Duck, Duck, Duck appetizer (that's just fun to say) and the steak entree. Pal got the Scallop Ceviche appetizer and the striped bass entree. the duck was very good b/c it was in this amazing but light cream sauce which perfectly complemented the soft poached egg and the saltiness of the duck prosciutto and cracklings. i got to try Pal's scallop ceviche and that was also very good w/a nice citrusy flavor and very light and refreshing. my steak was good, tho a little overcooked from the medium rare i'd requested. it came w/a piece of fried camembert which was so yummy (fried cheese? what's not to love?). for dessert, we both got the Chocolate Lounge Sampler which is the most perfect dessert ever w/mini portions of a devil's food cupcake, eclair, cannoli, and lemon tart. i was in heaven.

afterwards we meandered downtown and met w/Pal's "friend" Cherry Pie. we went over to Blue Fin to have a drink and discuss our next plan of attack before heading in a cab over to KeyBar Lounge. you'd never find this place if you didn't know about it b/c there's no sign and the door blends in w/the surrounding walls to be totally unremarkable. the place is pretty small but chill and we all had a good time. a little drama occurred between Pal and Cherry Pie but ultimately it all worked out and we ended up being the last 3 ppl there. that's when Cherry Pie got the idea to play truth-or-dare in the private booth at the back of lounge. of course, being a guy, Cherry Pie really just wanted to play the game so he could try and get me and Pal to do stuff. please. i'm not retarted (although Pal was pretty wasted. she kept threatening that she was going to throw up). the really redeeming part of this place were the Rolo shots we kept ordering, which is one of the most amazing shots i've ever had. it has the texture and taste of frozen hot chocolate w/a little kick after you've drank it. so amazing.
eventually we got kicked out b/c the bar was closing and we started to walk home when Pal started swerving and saying she had to pee. so we stopped at another bar and got her a giant cup of water while Cherry Pie and i had one last beer. when i finally got home and in bed it was 5:00 am. waking up for work was a nightmare.

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