Saturday, July 14

let's just chill

so right in that time when mugginess was the weather craze, Egg convinced me to go to Prospect Park to listen to the NY Philharmonic. we trekked over on the train and laid down a bedsheet and just sat and listened to music, which was so nice.

the park was pretty packed and we looked around at all the lovely picnics everyone had. ppl are really ingenious when they want to be: they had bug candles, little tables, buckets/coolers for wine and beverages and even a paper lantern. we'll have to give that a shot next time. after the concert there was a fireworks display which made it a quintiessential summer night.

when we got back to the Heights we stopped at trout so Egg could get food w/Brantley and we found out that there would be a midnight showing of the newest Harry Potter movie. we thought about it for about 5 seconds and decided to go for it. the theater devoted about 4 theaters to playing the movie so we had good seats and watched the movie in comfort. overall i think the movie lives up to the expectation that the franchise has created but in terms of being true to the correlated book it takes a lot of liberties and changes a few significant things.

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