Monday, July 30

apparently i'm underaged

so last weekend Oni (who has advised me that it should be spelled "unni" but i don't care. i like "oni") asked me to go speed dating w/her. it's not the 1st time i've been asked to go w/a friend but since Oni also made the offer to cover my registration and it was going to be Asian speed dating, i thought i'd give it a shot. plus, aren't you just a little curious about what it's like?
so the event was hosted by click2asia at M1-5, a bar/lounge close near the chinatown area. so i get sort of dressed up to go, not for the event but b/c afterwards i'm supposed to go to Spoon's law school graduation/took the bar exam party. i must look like such a schlub on a daily basis b/c Oni was shocked at how i looked. i'm not understating that she was genuinely surprised.

so we get to the event and i'm looking around and checking out the ppl. there is a disproportionate number of goodlooking girls vs. goodlooking guys. i mean, i would tell any of my guy friends to go b/c i'm pretty sure they would clean house, it's that reedonkulously disproportionate. so Oni and i get to sit next to each other, so every guy that she's talked to, i talk to right after. the whole experience is interesting but surreal. you really don't get a good feel about anyone, it's just for you to judge based on looks and then chat and make sure it's not awkward and they're not complete losers.

they give you a break about halfway into it and to add some comedy to the night, i get up to go outside for a cig break. it being kind of dark in the bar and me never having been there before, i go to walk and don't see the step and take a massive digger onto the ground. so embarassing. and then i'm expected to try to get 1 of these ppl to date me? yea right, like that's gonna happen. Oni tries to comfort me by claiming nobody saw. of course, when we go to the bar these 3 guys who aren't part of the event chat us up while we're getting drinks and 1 of them immediately asks if i saw the girl who fell. and i had to sheepishly admit it was me. sigh.

so after the event Oni and i head over to fiddlesticks. i will be boycotting this bar. so i get there and of course they ID me at the door. they take their time, look it up and down, and then refuse to let me in. they don't believe i'm over 21. i'm in complete shock! since i've never actually been in this situation it was the 1st time i realized that, if someone doesn't accept your ID you really don't have any other options. so i just had to suck it up. Egg was meeting us there so we waited for him to get there. he showed up w/a bottle of Jack Daniels in his hand and put it down on the ground in front of me so he could go inside fiddlesticks and use their bathroom. while he's inside, the manager comes over to me and asks me if the bottle's mine. i say "no" and he confiscates it. i tell Egg this when he comes back outside and he gets infuriated and goes inside to get his bottle back. and he actually gets it! they give him a spiel about his "underaged" friend having the bottle in front of her and he retorts back how i'm not underaged and how the bottle was on the sidewalk OUTSIDE their establishment and they had no jurisdiction, etc.

we ended up just heading home after that where Egg and i promptly got into a fight.

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