Tuesday, July 24


so, a little bit ago, on a beautiful summer saturday, Egg invited me to go out to Brooklyn Bridge Park which is located at the Brooklyn side of the Brooklyn Bridge in DUMBO. i'd never been before, so Egg and i wandered over. the park is actually very beautiful and the view is gorgeous. while we were there we saw at least 3 different wedding parties posing for wedding pictures, getting that perfect NYC Brooklyn Bridge background.

the weather was sunny w/a bit of a breeze so we just laid out and Egg read his book while i listened to my iPod and took a nap. such a pleasant way to spend time outdoors.

afterwards, we walked toward the other end of the park and watched a bit of the show they were presenting which was very Cirque de Soleil. we slowly meandered back to Feil, passing Bubby's, where we will definitely go and eat at some point b/c when we peeked in we saw some of the biggest burgers i'd ever laid eyes on, and Jacques Torres. apparently Jacque Torres is a famous chocolatier. walking into the shop was like walking into chocolate heaven. they had adorable homemade cookie sandwiches (peach, banana, vanilla, chai and mint flavored options) and the most attractive item was their frozen hot chocolate. you can choose between wicked (infused w/mexican chili) and classic. Egg ordered a classic and i guess there was a run on them b/c the guy making them ended up making extra. so Egg asked to have the extra one and they gave it to him for free! score free drink for me! and it was delicious.

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