Wednesday, July 4

happy birthday oppa

still not ready to delve into Gohm's departure so i'm gonna recap Oppa's birthday party instead b/c there are lots of fun pics from that night.

Oppa turned (an-unnamed-age; both for Oppa's sake and b/c i really don't know. my bad) and had a party at Ava lounge on top of Dream Hotel. I really really like this place b/c they don't require table service to get a table on the roof; you just have to make a reservation. unfortunately, we couldn't get the rooftop table b/c our party was too big, but we got a table in the back, which was nice b/c it was secluded from the rest of the bar.
it being Oppa's birthday, it was drinks all around for him. Min got a round of irish car bombs which Chow followed up w/a round of mind erasers. i'm sure there were other drinks being bought but those 2 were enough to get Chow drunk and sick all day the next day (ick-there was this 1 vomit incident that i'll have nightmares about). Gohm seemed to be doing well all night, but when we got back to the apartment he all of a sudden became super-drunk and immediately passed out.

eventually, the BLSers showed up and we danced the rest of the night away before going home. i had a great time and i guess the boys did too b/c they were all wasted by the end of the night. ironically, Oppa was pretty straight b/c he felt he had to be in order to host all the people who were coming from all over.

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