Tuesday, July 10

the end of an era

after finally being able to talk w/Gohm, i feel much better and have hopes things will be ok. as such, i'm finally ready to share moments from those last few days together.

in honor of Gohm's departure Chow and Min got the crew together at 230 Fifth. they got 2 tables and 2 bottles which allowed everyone to get in on the guest list w/o having to wait in the insane line that was building around the block. it was really good to see everyone together and lots of ppl came to say their goodbyes.

of course, the boys all immediately dragged Gohm to the bar and then shots started flowing all over the place. Oppa made a promise to get Gohm retarted but at the end it ended up that Oppa got completely wasted and we eventually lost him at Third Floor in ktown where he was going to stay w/friends who were there and he had no idea where his car was parked. everybody definitely got a little toasted (at the least).
Urban was a little cold that night (it was windy on the rooftop) and she started to hug the little candles on the tables in order to keep warm. eventually she hugged it so close to her face that she set her bangs on fire and ultimately singed her hair. don't worry, Urban is fine and doesn't look any worse for the wear.

as always, we ended up at Gahm Mi Oak for sul rul tang. at some point, Guns decided to start chucking peppers at Johnson who was sitting pretty far away but was trying to catch them in his mouth. each one kept bouncing off Johnson's face and you could tell he was getting a little frustrated. eventually Johnson got to eat a pepper but he had to put it in his own mouth w/o Guns' help.
after a crazy and late night out, Gohm and i had to meet one of his old Cali co-workers for brunch. both of us were definitely hurting when we got to Hunter's and i couldn't really eat any of the food i'd ordered. after brunch we headed over to the Met in order to do the NY tourist thing. i haven't been there since my last school field trip so it was fun to be back there. of course, Gohm and i both acted as if we were on a field trip. after getting my museum map i rolled it up and kept smacking Gohm w/it. Gohm, like a typical boy, only got really excited when we went to the medieval armory, "cool, guns!" and "en garde" (at the sight of the swords). it was so funny but adorable.

after 3-4 hrs everybody was museumed out and we went to pinkberry. i have to admit that the 1st time i had pinkberry i wasn't a big fan. that was before trying it w/all those fruit toppings. so yummy. i have now become a complete pinkberry fan. deelish...

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