Thursday, July 12

tearful goodbye

saying goodbye to Gohm was a very tearful event obviously.

i made the decision to go w/Gohm to the airport to send him off b/c i didn't want him to be there alone. after all, he'd been here for over a year and it was sad to think that nobody could go w/him to the airport to see him off. everything was fine until it was time for Gohm to go into the gate. that's when the waterworks started. after he went in it just got worse. but not that sobbing-uncontrollably-can't breathe crying but those fat-soulful-tears-roll-down-the-face-dramatically type of crying.

then i had to ride the airtrain and the subway from queens to ktown. so embarassing.

Egg had been thoughtful enough to ask me to dinner before i'd gone w/Gohm to the airport b/c he didn't want me to be sad and alone and i was meeting him, Ryan, Wifey and Chen at Hanbat. aside from an initial tear at Egg's inquiry "are you ok?" i held myself together and had a good time out w/them. Ryan had never really been out for korean food so everyone ordered something different. Egg got the soonjooboo, i got kimchijigae and we got Ryan the atypical bimbimbap and we all shared pajjeun. i think he liked it.

random weird incident: while at Hanbat who walks in but Leegro! haven't seen him in a few years and always remember him as the goofy kid who would prank my house at midnight w/drive-by honkings and dirtbag his friends. so i chat w/him about what's going on and find out he's getting married in September. totally crazy. i can't believe Leegro's matured so much, enough to get married. later i call Jcrew and find out that 2 of the other guys in their goofy posse are also engaged. now i feel really old. and very single.

i introduced the crew to Pinkberry, even tho we were so stuffed from dinner and afterwards we headed towards the bar at the W for 1 more drink before i went home and slept alone for the 1st time.

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