Monday, May 1

carnivores anonymous

when I stepped off the 14th Street PATH station this morning I could've sworn I smelled beef being grilled. it was so weird. i kept looking around me thinking I would spot one of those kebab/hot dog guys that are all over New York but considering it was 9:00 am it didn't surprise that I didn't see one. I swear I must have meat on the brain. I've just been craving steak.

I've finally uploaded some of my pictures from vacation to Flickr (now that I finally started an account). Damn I wish I could upload more but I'm pretty sure I've hit my 20 MB limit and I refuse to pay. Either way, you can access them by clicking on the Flickr link on the right. Here's a pre-vacation photo of Ahjima on the flight to Taipei. SO funny. I'm pretty sure she'll kill me for posting it but SO worth it:

Let me tell you how cute Ahjima is. On our flight from JFK to Taipei we got the shaft by having to sit separate and in middle seats. those China Airlines bastards. and DON'T get me started on those elitist Emerald bastards... well except for O i guess but that still doesn't stop me from cursing Emerald card holders. anyways, Ahjima is so cute that as soon as she sits down she starts making friends w/the people sitting next to her. one is a little kid named Alfred who was travelling on his own to see his mom and the other is a husband whose wife is sitting in First Class (no idea how that happened). luckily the flight wasn't packed from JFK to Anchorage so we both moved to aisle seats. unfortunately Ahjima ended sitting next to a really loud snorer. I swear I've never heard anything like it. ultimately she moved back to her seat next to Alfred. she slept for most of the flight anyway (missing the in-flight movies of: Memoirs of a Geisha, Just Friends, Nanny McPhee & Cheaper by the Dozen 2) and only woke to eat the yucky food and request Ramen (the only positive of flying China Airlines).

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