Wednesday, May 3

Colour Me Kubrick

Thanks to Debs' Devil Wears Prada job (and her natural interest in the finer arts), i got to see the movie Colour Me Kubrick last night at the Tribeca Film Festival. The movie, starring John Malkovich, was surprisingly funny, which i wasn't expecting. of course, i don't know what i was expecting from a movie about a conman (Alan Conway) who spent the latter part of his life impersonating Stanley Kubrick, but humorous wasn't it.

if you get a chance, you should definitely see this movie. it'll be playing at the Tribeca Film Festival through 5/5. if you can i would purchase tickets earlier b/c when Debs and i showed up there was a line around the block and the marquee stated that the 9:30, 10:00 & 11:00 shows were all sold out. of course, last night ended up being a bit more special since John Malkovich showed up to do a question-answer portion.

Malkovich looks exactly like the characters he's been playing as of late. he was round around the middle (not that i should be judging) and was sporting a shaved head. the part of him Debs and i appreciated the most was the man-purse he was sporting. i think we noticed it b/c the character Alan Conway also carried a sort of satchel/man-purse, but i must admit, Malkovich wore the man-purse well.

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