Monday, May 15

Ew yuck

I was stuck on the 5 train this morning between 2 people who both reeked of onions. o god it was unbearable. i mean so bad that i was involuntarily coughing and tearing. and of course since i was so physically uncomfortable the train seemed to take forever to get from Union Square to Grand Central.

aside from that, it's raining today. usually rain really bums me out, but ever since i got my Totes umbrella, i relish every opportunity to use it. i've never owned an umbrella in my life but when Ahjima & i were planning our Asia trip i decided to get one b/c weather reports were saying it would rain just about every day we would be there and i knew i wouldn't be able to get away w/ wearing a hooded sweatshirt in that muggy weather/torrential downpour.

if you're going to own any kind of umbrella, the Totes umbrella is the way to go. it's got a lifetime warranty and (this is the best feature) it retracts by itself. so you press the button on the handle to open the umbrella up and then you press the button again and the umbrella closes by itself. now tell me that's not one of the best things ever invented. right up there w/ the lightbulb & television.

this weekend was Mother's Day, so went home to hang w/the fam. Debs' dad was here visiting from Taiwan so there was a lot of eating out this weekend. Of course we went to Hunan Cottage on Route 46 in Fairfield (love coming here for brunch on the weekends). The highlight was going to Minado on Route 10 in Morris Plains. as i've gotten older i've opted away from buffet eating b/c all it does is make me feel sick about 3 hours later. Minado is my exception to that rule. the sushi buffet there is outstanding.

now it's back to cereal & salad until ASW's wedding in Vegas this weekend. can't wait for her reception at the Ritz Carlton.

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