Thursday, May 11

oppa hooks it up again!

ah...oppa. so of course i totally missed oppa the entire time he was here in the new york. there's always a "shoulda woulda coulda" aspect about everything i do i think. i've been reading some of the other fans' writings about when they saw him while he was new york and while i'm real happy that they got to see him, i'm also hating on them a little b/c i'm so jealous.

ironically, every time i head out on a Rain oppa mission, something else totally crazy happens. i think it's b/c i act w/complete wreckless abandon when it comes to oppa. so Bubs & i went to dinner at a restaurant that oppa frequents whenever he's in the city. lots of yummy korean bbq and baek sae chu. Ahjima met us there around 8:30 pm and she called up SJ-who works w/outer wear for labels like Sean John. i'm not sure if he was just teasing me or not but he mentioned that Bi will have to come back to new york for Sean John fittings since he was just signed as a model. i called up PinkyPete and by the time our whole crew was assembled it was already around 10:30 or 11:00 pm.

by that time i'd been drinking w/ Bubs for at least and hour and a half; w/Bubs & Ahjima for an hour; w/Bubs, Ahjima & SJ for 45 mins; and w/Bubs, Ahjima, SJ & PinkyPete for half an hour so needless to say: i was pretty drunk. i gave up on trying to see oppa and we headed over towards Players and drank a few pitchers. it was at this point that Ahjima & i (in our completely wasted state) decided to lose all dignity and call up oppa's hotel. we finessed our way w/the concierge only to learn that oppa had checked out that morning! we all had a good laugh about it and by about 1:00 am i was ready to call it a night.

the next morning i headed towards work from PinkyPete's. as i walked toward the Union Square subway station i checked in w/Ahjima & Bubs. turns out Ahjima & SJ had gone to another bar after we split up and been drinking shots of Patron (ew yuck). SJ stayed at Ahjima's (wink wink nudge nudge) and they were both ridiculously late for work the next day. it was only as an afterthought that i realized why SJ was so intent on having me stay @ PinkyPete's (my original intention was to stay at Ahjima's). you know, something similar to this happened last time Ahjima & i went to CODA to see Rain. even inadvertently, Bi oppa just knows how to hook it up.

and now i'm broke as a joke for the next month. either way it was an insane Tuesday night...

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