Wednesday, May 17

broke as a joke

i feel so bad for my friends lately since the only thing i keep telling them is how i'm "broke as a joke" now-a-days. at the same time, i've still got a lot of "necessary" purchases to make. for instance, take this dress. Pal & i went to Loehmann's yesterday to go bargain shopping for a dress for me to wear to ASW's Vegas wedding. the stakes were recently rasied when it was decided we were going to go to Pure after her wedding reception. i was forewarned that it was "dress to impress". what the hell does that mean? i've never been what could be called "fashionable". i wear what i like and i like to be comfortable (most of the time). even when i get dressed up to go out it tends to be jeans w/ a nice/flashy top. hopefully this dress will be acceptable. i gotta admit, i do like it for various reasons:

1. it's black so it'll always be slimming
2. it's empire waist so it won't matter how big i get on the bottom, no one can tell
3. it's got a serious v-neck and (w/the right bra or tape) gives me huge boobs (at least for me)
anyways, now i'm more broke than before but have a cute dress to console me.

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