Monday, May 8

speaking of crazy....

ok so the current ETA on Rain is that he should be getting ready to go to ABC Headquarters Building located on 66th/67th near Lincoln Center to meet w/them about appearing on one of their shows. i know i get all stupid when it comes to oppa (korean for big brother), but more so when he's actually in the near vicinity. this morning as i commuted to work i was listening to oppa's songs & i got this goofy grin on my face just knowing he was in the same city as me. yea, i'm retarted.

due to the fact that i work i won't be able to go to ABC Headquarters at noon. while i debated about heading over to Lincoln Center tonight to check out oppa at the honorary dinner, i'd read in some article that Bi would be one of the few guests not walking the red carpet. this may in fact be a good thing b/c i don't think i'd like to be one of those shrieking fans in front of important political leaders, thinkers & writers from all over the world. it's already embarassing enough that they might have to pass David Blaine in his little sphere.

so i called Bubs & discussed my crazy Rain behavior and reached this conclusion. i act exactly like girls did in high school. remember when you had a crush on an older guy and you would get all giggly when he passed you in the hallway? and you knew exactly where to be and when just so you see him? yea that's what i'm like w/oppa. so Bubs & i came to the conclusion that i have no dignity whatsoever when it comes to Rain & revert exactly back to that behavior even though i just turned 24. eh, whatever.

strangely enough, after i hashed about my idiotic Rain behavior, we got to talking about Scientologists. hmm, could that be an indication of how crazy i am? i mean if we can jump from my Rain behavior to Scientology then it must be pretty nuts since Scientology itself is pretty insane. we still can't fathom how a "religion" based on the writings of a known science-fiction writer could turn into this weird phenomenom.

right after this we segued into our obsession over cheese. it was funny actually cause Bubs got all fanatical about it. hmmm, so i'm crazy about oppa and Bubs is crazy about cheese? tell me that's not crazy in itself.

p.s.-just read an email from Ahjima who works at Lehman Brothers near Rockefeller Center. she's definitely jumping on my FANatic train & i love it!! i'm trying to send her out to ABC Headquarters Building as my emissary since i can't be there.

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