Friday, May 19

employees only


that is all i can say for today. whenever i go out w/Pal on a weekday the inevitable response the next day is the above. i should've known yesterday was going to be trouble. Pal & i had originally made plans to go to the Edgewater mall. she had to return some items and i had to pick up something else for the Vegas trip. afterwards we would go back to her place & watch the O.C. finale while drinking copious amounts of wine & vodka.

i got home around 6:30 pm and found that plans had changed. Pal had been invited to a Lehman Brothers happy hour at the bar Employees Only. i agreed to go for the sole reason that you can never meet enough Lehman employees. in light of my last post, which is still very true, we managed to go out for the entire night while only spending $10 each + one way on the PATH. Employees Only was fun but very expensive (one drink cost $10). we met an uppity British Asian guy who claimed he was from London but i think he sounded like he was from Leeds.

Pal & i went out for a butt and ran into a very italian (real italian, not jersey guido) businessman and SaltyBalls aka Mr. Darling (his actual last name is Darling, how darling). SaltyBalls received his nickname from some girls he was standing w/, not from any personal experience on my or Pal's behalf. anyways, we headed over to another bar down the block and Pal and Italian got chummy. turns out SaltyBalls lives in Jersey City so he drove me and Pal home. we went to Whiskey Bar once we got home, which i chose mainly for the fact that it's right across the street from Pal's apartment and she was definitely in no shape to go far. we briefly met up this morning and she told me that she fell asleep w/the Brita container in her bed. somehow she'd drank the whole thing and then just passed out w/it still cradled in her arms.

both Pal and i made it safely home last night, but i can't say we're doing so well this morning.

and i'm leaving for Vegas tonight....

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