Thursday, May 4

vacation highlight #2: drinks

ok, don't get too excited about the title of this post. i'm not gonna be sharing a plethora of party alcoholic beverages. there's only 2 drinks showcased in this piece, but they were definitely fun highlights of the vaca.

chocolate milk:
ahh...this was probably one of the best drinks i've had in a LONG time. if only they had this chain in the U.S. rock, o, ahjima, cousin & i went for lunch in causeway bay while in hong kong. we weren't sure what we wanted to eat and ultimately stopped at the asian chain Azabusabo. i actually really like this place, although i don't think ahjima or o really cared for it. at lunch both rock and o ordered a chocolate milk and it looked damn good. between the apps we'd ordered and my meal i just couldn't imagine also drinking a chocolate milk w/ soft serve ice cream on top so i passed. later, while cousin, ahjima & i window shopped around causeway bay i kept thinking back to that chocolate milk. it just kept haunting me. so when ahjima & i headed towards the subway and passed the same Azabusabo i just couldn't resist and went in to order a chocolate milk. one of the best decisions ever.
fyi about rock's photo: right before i took rock's photo, it just so happened that he and o were talking about prostitutes (i have no idea how that convo happened). regardless, right before i took the photo, instead of saying "cheese", rock said "prostitute?". and when you look at that photo, it somehow all fits together.

flaming lamborghini:
this was the infamous drink of the weekend while in hong kong. chah-lee kept trying to convince somebody to do it. finally, on o's last night in hong kong, we made a little card bet that the 2 losers would drink it. that ended up being ahjima & jin. this drink is impressively lethal. it's a shot of henessy, sambuca & b-52, lit on fire and mixed together. yikes. here's a pic of the contents:
o and ahjma kept trying to get me to do one, but after seeing jin's expression after he did his, i knew that wasn't going to happen.
haha either way, i think o and ahjima enjoyed theirs. thankfully me and chah-lee managed to get through the night flaming lamborghini free.

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