Monday, May 22

Her Cup Overfloweth

Just got back from Vegas this morning around 2:00 am. of course i'm exhausted. you'd think that having travelled to Asia, a measly 3-hour time difference wouldn't whoop my ass but it did. i woke up at 8 am (11 am east coast time) but went to bed at between 3-4 am (6-7 am) EVERYDAY. sucks.

the wedding was adorable. it was a small ceremony (w/a giant wedding party) at the Ritz Carlton. the ceremony was outdoors and it was such nice weather and a beautiful sunset. of course only ASW would have a rainbow at her wedding. a nice touch was the release of butterflies at the end of the ceremony. definitely an original touch. ASW looked lovely and at the reception she was hilarious (and drunk). the dj played a lot of 80s music and ASW was bopping around in her wedding dress the entire night.

OMG, the food at the dinner reception was phenomenal. there was a smoked chicken and mushroom ravioli in cream sauce, a pecan-crusted goat cheese salad, a beef filet w/ tiger prawns (this was some GIANT shrimp), an enormous creme brulee and devils food chocolate wedding cake w/white chocolate mousse frosting. i wish i'd nabbed one of the menus as a souvenir, it was that good.

the stay at the Luxor was actually really nice and ASW's friends that i'd roomed w/were hilarious. Rose (who's a guy) & Mike were really easy to get along w/. They both work in the city and are single so we've already made plans to meet up some time and introduce our single friends to each other which is a very good deal since both Rose & Mike work in finance.

the one thing i noticed about Vegas is the incredible hotness of all the girls. everyone's got ample boobs which they display quite openly (hence the term "her cup overfloweth" which we used all wkd) and tiny waists. luckily ahjima had lent me some trashy clothes to wear to Pure this wkd or else i would never have fit in. topless clubs/shows abound there (Mike kept mentioning the one playing at the Luxor, Fantasy) although they also have something for the ladies (Thunder Down Under anyone?).

will definitely go back some time, but only when i qualify as a high roller.

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