Monday, September 1


which one's worse?

Scenario 1: you're interested in someone. you tell X that, yea, you think Boy's kind of cute but it's just a crush, nothing serious is going on yet. the next time you're out with X, you notice Boy flirting with X and ultimately, even tho she knows you're kind of interested, she ends up hooking up with him.

A. Boy doesn't belong to you, you're not dating him, you haven't even come close to it.

B. Boy hit on X, she didn't hit on him.

C. Boy and X are both single and obviously ready to mingle.

Scenario 2: you've hooked up with someone. you tell Y that you've hooked up with Boy. on a night you're not there, Boy starts flirting with Y. altho Y has no interest in Boy, she likes the flirting. she doesn't do anything with Boy but continues encouraging situations where Boy will continue to hit on her and tell her he likes her.

A. Boy hit on Y, she didn't hit on him.

B. you're never going to date Boy, you don't like him that much.

C. you know Y; she would never actually let anything happen between her and Boy.

D. technically both Y and Boy are single.

maybe i'm just overthinking things and neither situation's bad. or maybe they both are. i'm not sure. i don't know. i'm confused. i'm stumped.

what advice should i give her?

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Em said...

Scenario 2 is worse, although I'm not sure why. I feel like because "you" hooked up with "boy"... there's some emotional investment there... even though "you" don't like him that much. ... I guess if "You" really doesn't like him, then... its not a big deal. Sorry.. I guess that didn't help at all.