Thursday, August 28


hilarious (and complimentary) convo w/BigPapa:

BigPapa: i didn't realize iwas supposed to do stuff
i thought i just sat around and looked sexy

Me: hahaha
now you have to do stuff AND look sexy at the same time

that's tough
BigPapa: seriously
i'm going to put up for a vote at the general meeting
a new position called "sexyness rep"
we can be cochairs

now how flattering is that? i saw BigPapa later today and he also inadvertently called me a hottie as well. gotta love BigPapa.

school's offiically started and it's been a whirlwind, seeing ppl i haven't seen in a while and all that. albeit to say, lots of drinks have been had. there was an unofficial party at Floyd's which ended up turning into a mini pub-crawl for the 3Ls. it was great to see all those ppl out at Floyd's (even 4A showed up! that's a momentous occasion since they usually never leave the apartment), but Floyd's, while decently sized, isn't equipped for that voluminous crowd. it was stifingly hot in there and super crowded and getting a drink was a nightmare. everybody decided to move over to Last Exit instead, which was much more mellow and full of only friendly faces (as opposed to 1Ls that i don't recognize or know...yet).

many, many, many drinks were imbibed and ridiculous conversations were had before we went over to Brazen Head as the final stop. i was a trooper all the way (but i still left before DRC, Coleslaw and Cubed: they're beasts!). i was in such bad shape the next day. i mean, it was bad...

i had the complete intention of staying in Friday night to properly recover but there was the BLS pub crawl going on. i thought i was being smart by going to just the tail-end of the event and showed up at Trout around midnight. however, 1 beer turned into 2 and so on and so forth. we were at Trout until they kicked us out and then proceeded to Brazen until they kicked us out of there before heading back to Feil only to try and post-party at DRC's. luckily for me that fizzled out quick and i managed to get into bed just as the sun was rising...

only to have to wake up at 10:30 am! i had made a brunch date for Lockbox to meet KimChi but we had to be there by 11:30 b/c KimChi was going into work at 1:00 pm. i dragged myself out of bed, got ready in time and went down to pick up Lockbox and head over to Chinatown except Lockbox wasn't ready. that bastard. i had to wait for him to pick out clothes and get ready before we could head out. luckily KimChi was running late too.

on the way over to dim sum brunch, Lockbox and i had an interesting conversation about guys. we universally agreed that men are all dogs, but the degree of doggy-ness varies on a sliding scale. using Lockbox as a barometer (he's a self-proclaimed 8) we came to the decision that generally good guys are 6s. basically, all men have to start at at least 5. b/c essentially they're all dogs. for instance, Egg's probably a 5 (a generally nice and sweet guy w/more stringent fooling around standards); Mr.Frenzy's probably a 6 (still a nice and sweet guy but could possibly be tricked into doing something if VERY intoxicated) and so on and so forth. what do you think?

we ended up eating dim sum at Oriental Garden which is right next to Jing Fong. honestly, i think Jing Fong's better. there's more variety and more space. the set-up or introduction (whatever you want to call it) didn't go as well. i give up on Lockbox. he committed 3 cardinal sins at that brunch:

1st: he had an opportunity to sit next to KimChi but instead sat next to me. Snoopy even tried to race him to sit next to me so that Lockbox could sit next to KimChi and they could actually converse.
2nd: Lockbox wasn't as witty and open as he usually is. it was to the point that KimChi forgot his name. when i mentioned Crush, Lockbox's roommate was having a birthday party that night, KimChi turned to me and went, "who's Lockbox?"; it was super funny.
3rd: somehow the conversation about all men being dogs came up but i purposely didn't mention Lockbox being an 8 b/c i didn't want to blow up his spot. it would never have come up b/c KimChi didn't ask what Lockbox was but then Lockbox, like the genius he is, volunteers the info that he's an 8 all on his own. aish...that night, i headed over to 4A which was pregaming for Crush's and LF's and a whole bunch of other ppl's bday party in the city. DRC had just come back from a day at Jones Beach and was the color of a lobster. then something interesting happened: Crush offered DRC some aloe to put on her skin b/c apparently he had some. he leads her to the bathroom and gives her the lotion. then he just stands there. it was super creeper mcgee. so DRC awkwardly applies the lotion while Crush stands at the door and watches. what makes it even more hysterical is that DRC goes to return the lotion to Crush and he points to her chest area and goes, "you're the most red here, you should put some on here". umm, thanks for you concern buddy, but could you not stare at my chest while i'm lotioning? now, we all know Crush is actually one of the most polite and nice guys so i'm gonna chalk this creeper incident up to alcohol and birthday shenanigans.

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