Tuesday, September 30

how the Swedes and Traders do it

in case you haven't done it yet, i highly recommend going to IKEA and Trader Joe's. however, each comes w/its own caveat so beware.

Egg and i took the shuttle over to IKEA for the 1st time. it's so super convenient as it runs every 15 mins from 9 am-9 pm. we walked into the place and were like kids in a candy store. we hopped around on all the beds and sofas, trying them all out and then went nuts on the floor level where all the dishes, pots, pans and other cooking paraphernalia is. and that's the caveat for those who brave the trip: IKEA is addictive. after that trip w/Egg, he subsequently went back 3 more times. and DRC and Coleslaw also got sucked in and also made 2 trips to IKEA w/in days of each other. so far, i have escaped the allure although it has been tempting me.

Trader Joe's just opened up around the corner from Feil. i walked in there on the 1st day it opened and altho i was super excited about it, i also became immediately annoyed at the crowd. also, the way the store is laid out is not very customer friendly because the line grows to ginormous proportions which makes it difficult to shop around all the ppl waiting in line. however, a deal is a great deal and the best part of TJ's is getting gourmet or easy foods for a great bargain. on my 2nd trip there i did a real grocery shop and braved the lines, which moved surprisingly fast. as i left the store tho, i realized how much traffic has started to build up around that 4-way-corner of TJ's. and it made me a little sad to think how crowded the area's gonna start getting as the neighborhood changes. i mean, 1st the Urban Outfitters and now a TJ's... o well, i still love TJ's regardless so who cares about urban sprawl. i recommend getting to TJ's earlier vs. later tho. they run out of stuff very quickly and are still working through kinks so they end up not restocking when they run out.

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