Saturday, September 27

50/50 Ethics

as i previously mentioned in 1 of those rare times i was wasted while attempting to write an entry in this blog, i passed the MPRE. hooray! however, i don't want to make it sound like it was cake. while it wasn't the hardest thing i've ever done, it definitely was not cake. i attended a BAR/BRI prep course (which was brutal-but it was worth it to go just for the book) and then spent 2 days cramming. and when i say i spent 2 days, it was literally 2 fulls days where aside from meals and a few breaks, i spent the signif part of those days just reviewing the material and going over practice tests.

what was fun was the post-MPRE party. there really isn't much to say b/c i think the pictures speak for themselves.

here it looks like a regular party, not much different from anything else. except, what was going on before all these people got here??
inappropriate hand guestures? and those sunglasses were a popular item all night.
someone in this picture looks like they're being inappropriate. who could it be?? but let me clear, this is just the magic of the camera. in reality, nothing was happening. please people, my friends have class [or most of them do anyway]
Pimento, after he knocked that whole bowl of tortilla chips onto the ground.
see, we can be cute and normal too!
o wait, i spoke too soon. what's actually happening is Cubed and Pimento for some reason started wrestling. yet somehow, this picture makes it look like something else. but then it gets worse...
i have no idea why they ended up in this pose after wrestling. it looks like Pimento's trying to get away and Cubed is chasing after him.
i know DRC would like to believe that this picture is her scolding the guys for wrestling in her hallway. however, if i remember correctly, i believe she was telling them that she could kick their butts in wrestling if they dared to try. even if that's wrong, it doesn't sound totally unbelievable that that's the conversation that's going on right?
i see you too!
see! those sunglasses totally re-appeared throughout the night!

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