Thursday, September 4

let's go Mets!

alright, i admit it. i'm not that much of a baseball fan. i find it miserably boring to watch on tv. however, somewhat ironically, i love watching baseball games live. and thanks to Coleslaw, i got to watch the Mets play against the Colorado Rockies.

before heading over to the game, Egg, She and i checked out Bastille Day on Smith Street. apparently it's been going on every year but i never knew. i also didn't know that the event centers around a petanque tournament. i'm not really sure about the game but it looks like bocce to me, except w/really heavy metal balls. the whole event really only takes place on about 3-4 blocks of Smith Street, but w/the nice weather and being able to drink outside and eat food put out by the surrounding restaurants is pretty nice. unfortunately, i could only stay an hour and i didn't eat or drink anything b/c i had to save my money for the stadium hotdogs and beer.

ahh...beers, hotdogs, popcorn and peanuts. all my favorites. if only they weren't so reedonkulously expensive!! we splurged on beer and hotdogs ( ok really, just 2 beers and 1 hotdog each). my tummy was still craving more unhealthy stadium food but i was tapped out. luckily for me, the guys sitting next to us had bought a bag of peanuts (for $8!!) and kept offering them to us. i'm not ashamed to say that i took it w/zeal. they were deliciously salty and yummy and went perfectly w/my beer.

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************************ said...

ok first of all the picture is god awful. like please remove it. also the peanuts were only $5 silly!!!