Monday, September 22

sometimes i have culture

ok ok, i know i don't...but sometimes i'm cultural (altho it's always because someone else takes me to something culturual). recently when Stinky came to NY to visit, it happened to coincide w/Poprally at the MoMa. we all got dressed up and headed over.

except it was outside. and i swear, it must've been about 100 degrees. ok, maybe not that hot but it was definitely in the 90s. i mean, look at these pictures. we're all pretty damn shiny aren't we? yea, that's because we're all pretty damn sweaty. however, the exhibit itself was pretty interesting. it was displaying all architectural art. there was a tall tower made entirely of glass (aside from the frame). and there were a lot of girls in dresses going up and down that thing. if i was a boy i would've just stayed on the 1st floor and kept looking up. man i'd be a perv-y boy huh? luckily i'm not.there was also a great exhibit about potential housing to be used in New Orleans made out of very cheap but sturdy material and designed to be easily put together and constructed. the design and structure was created by the kids at MIT. go figure.

overall, the event was very cool and trendy and at the same time enlightening and cultural. the free beer also didn't hurt.

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Vicki Loo said...

ooh i spent all day at the MoMA but I was too lazy to wait in line to get into these houses.