Saturday, September 6

well, since you made the effort...

4th of July this year was pretty mellow but at the same time had that at-home appeal. i've never been that much of a fireworks fan but Coleslaw, Egg, She and i decided to camp out at Brooklyn Bridge Park and watch the fireworks. Egg was really worried about getting a good spot before the park got full and wanted to go camp out ASAP but i was starving so we decided to travel to Chinatown and grab some lunch. since i've never taken the F from Brooklyn Heights to Chinatown i called up Snoopy (my Chinatown guru since he grew up there and still lives there-or did until recently) who told us we can take it to East Broadway, and of course, invited him to lunch as well.

when it comes to Snoopy and eating in Chinatown he always opts for New Malaysia. in all honesty, yea, the food's good, but there are cheaper places in Chinatown. but since Egg and Coleslaw had never been there before, i didn't mind going. everyone who eats w/Snoopy's gotta be inducted into the New Malaysia club (Snoopy always wants to eat there. every time). after lunch, Snoopy decided to head to BBP w/us and, over Coleslaw's protests, we walked back across the Manhattan Bridge.

i'm so easily convinced sometimes. i, like Coleslaw, didn't really want to walk across the bridge (yes, i'm that lazy). however, when Snoopy mentioned we could see the Waterfalls, my immediate response was "really??" but in that excited-little-kid-someone's-mentioned-candy kind of way. as soon as Coleslaw heard that, she knew protesting was futile and started trudging along the way. my bad.

we ended up being at BBP super early and found a decent spot. word of advice: BBP doesn't get filled up until 7:30 at the earliest. it was a good picnic where we would make trips to Peas and Pickles for beers and snacks and at 1 pt, even pizza. it drizzled on and off which didn't really affect the whole event except for at the end when it started drizzling steadily for the last 30 mins. i was freezing. luckily, Coleslaw, like the good mama bear she is, had an extra hoodie for me to wear on the way home.

o, and as for the title of this post, those of you that were there know what it means. since you made the effort...

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