Tuesday, September 9

off the cuff...

ok, i'm def a little drunk. whatevs, it happens.

but i still watched legit Gossip Girl. even if i spilled a glass of wine. yea, that 's right. i did that. what what?!?!

ok so i totally planned to take it slow, b/c i have 2 writing assignments due by the end of the week. it blows. whatevs. that's the way things work out.

i love how the registrar emailed today during my 9:00 A.M. class to tell me i got off the wait-list [altho the list's been closed since 9/3]. and they told me i gotta make a decision ASAP. i emailed them asking if i could have until Thursday (the class is on Tuesday and i've already missed 2) and they said "no" flat out. i asked if i could enroll now and drop if need be in 2 days. they said "no." so i said fine, enroll me but since the student webcourse program (WebAdvisor) which has my schedule and credits for this semester is down, i asked to drop my extraneous course later this week. NO. those bastards. not only was the school program down but they said i had to drop the extraneous class TODAY.

whatevs. fine. i passed the MPRE. i think i'm ok w/tests. um...but don't quote me on that.

phew...it took me forever to write this entry w/o any typos. so hard.

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Gossip Girl said...

this is votably the funniest blog ever...