Sunday, September 14


i recently got to go to Candyland [really, just an apartment party at Feil but for some reason, the hosts decided to lay a candy trail from the 3 elevators to their apartment-it was very confusing but cute].

Coleslaw and i got to the party and immediately jumped into a game of beer pong. and then the incredible happened: we won 3 games in a row. we were on fire!it seemed the more shots of tequila Coleslaw took, the better she got. it just goes to prove the old adage: the drunker you are, the better you play beer pong. or at least to a point. because then you just hit a wall and it's all downhill from there.

after Coleslaw and I were dethroned from our beer pong statu
s, the rest of the party was typical of every house party. for some reason, i'm always the observer in these scenarios and rarely the person actually engaged in all of it. so i stood at the side and watched as ppl started to work there games and try for the sometimes-elusive end-of-the-night hook-up. it's always a fun dance to watch.
eventually ppl started to make their way home and Frank and i went outside for some air. while there we met a guy and a girl (the guy was a 1L) who were looking for recommendations for going out (even tho it was pouring rain at the time). i wasn't really involved in the convo b/c i was on the phone, but i was in no mood to go out to a bar at that point so i told Frank i was going up to 4A to meet CabbagePatch. the look on Frank's face was so disappointed. i think he wanted me out as a wingman so he could get w/the girl. sorry Frank...

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