Tuesday, September 16

my favorite uncle X 3

in a historic moment, my 3 favorite uncles happened to all be in the U.S. at the exact same time. it's quite a mommentous occassion. G moved to Hong Kong at least 12 yrs ago (he's had 3 kids-i believe the oldest is 12 or 13 by now); P had moved to Singapore for a while, got married and apparently is living in China now; and T has always been in the states, hovering between NY and NJ but now he's moving to Hong Kong as well. i haven't seen all 3 of them together in probably 5 or 6 yrs, so when i heard they were all home in Princeton, NJ for a BBQ at my great-aunt's house, i had to go.

it was a family reunion of epic proportions. these guys watched me grow
up and held me as a baby and now they have babies of their own (well G and T do, P still enjoys his lack swinging married life i think). it was kind of weird to see them all being dads-being kind of stern with the kids by yelling at them to not eat in the living room, stop yelling, stop running around. it's such a difference from back in the day when they were just uncles to me-they would be running around with me, swinging me around, giving me piggy backs. it was so fun.

however, the trade-off is pretty worth it b/c their kids are so cute. hone
stly, i'll prob miss my new baby cousin E the most b/c he looks just like uncle T when he was a baby, just a bigger version. and he's so cute and adorable! his mom's definitely trained him to take pictures b/c she loves photographing him so that in every pic he's either smiling directly at the camera or looking right at you with that adorable wide-eyed look. so cute!!

being around all the kids made me feel my internal clock ticking a little. i want a baby E too! (altho he does have a ginormous head, so maybe i should rethink trying to birth one just like him.)

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