Thursday, October 2

you're a lesbian! you're pregnant! you're getting married!

haven't seen my girls in a while (the OTHER girls) so i went out to dinner at Kenka w/Bubby and Kiks. Kiks had told me that Bubby had a surprising, life-changing announcement to make. and i don't know why, but my immediate thought was "she's a lesbian." why is that? Bubby has had no experiences w/girls (altho i think she made out w/one once before, but we did go to an womens' college so that's really just a given) and has always been all about boys. when i got to the restaurant and i said what i thought it was that was firmly denied and my next thought was "she's getting married." also a preposterous concept b/c i know for a fact she's not dating anyone. when i recounted this story to DRC she also immediately guessed lesbian first and then guessed pregnancy second. why is that? anyways, the big announcement is that Bubby's moving out of NYC. for various reasons, she's decided to move to Charleston, SC for a while. ::sniffle, sniffle:: i will miss you, Bubby...

but since the move isn't going to be for a bit we didn't dwell on it and instead enjoyed dinner, of course starting w/beer ASAP and tako wasabi (salted octopus w/wasabi-it's so good and perfect for drinking beer w/). eventually Snoopy joined us for a bit b/c he had a dinner date later that night. Snoopy always astounds me. that boy can eat 4 dinners in a row and not get fat. and usually he does eat that many meals in a day b/c he's a social superman and never says "no" to going out or meeting up. how he has the stamina for that i really don't know... we had the weirdest and probably most inappropriate convos to have in public but it was a hilarious dinner: from what pornos we prefer, how Snoopy seamlessly picks up girls, whether guys are proportionate, art museums, etc.

at some point in the dinner i looked outside and saw Stitch walking past the restaurant. i bolted out the door and screamed down the sidewalk "STITCH!" and of course she turned around, as did the other 30 people on the sidewalk. how embarassing. she walked back towards me and we caught up and she told me she was meeting Kid later that night in my neighborhood. i've gotta admit, i'm pretty proud of the 2 of them for getting together. kudos to me for introducing them. they're both such adorable and sweet people that i'm really glad they hit it off and are having such a cute time of it right now. i'm crossing my fingers to be in their wedding some day.

we finally left Kenka and headed towards the subway when all of sudden, Bubby had to pee (damn beer and the whole concept of breaking the seal). so while she stopped at Starbucks, Kiks and i stopped at the Dessert Truck. i think i've seen it around but definitely not all the time. regardless, it has a distinct ice cream truck feel except it serves fancy desserts. for instance, i got the Chocolate Bread Pudding w/Creme Angleis, Kiks got Chocolate Mousse w/a Peanut Butter Center, and Bubby got something like Baked Apples and Cinnamon Crisp. it was all totally delish but while we were standing there and i was debating if i should get something, the way the truck's designed just made me feel like i was standing at a Mr. Softee. i told the guy in the truck that and he answered that he gets that all the time and customers have actually gotten mad at them for not having soft-serve ice cream. and altho i agreed w/him that that was just ridiculous, secretly i was thinking that same thing...

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