Monday, October 1

Last Exit

on a random weekday i ran into Brantley on my way home from my Commercial Arbitration night class. she happened to be on her way out for a drink, and since she's the coolest kid around and i'm always dying to hang out w/her, she was nice enough to ask me to join along. i went upstairs to drop off my books and ran into Egg who also invited me to tag along and off we went to Last Exit.

Last Exit's the farthest i've ever been down Atlantic Ave (unless Magnetic Field's farther than Last Exit, in which case Magnetic Field's the farthest I've ever been down Atlantic Ave). i texted Institution and invited him to come along, to which he replied "we'll see but don't wait up." excuse me? such a cocky korean...

what turned into a quiet and short night out got interesting when we found out that on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month they hold an auction where ppl can bring in their junk and have it auctioned to the bar and receive the payments from the auction. while most of the stuff was pretty junky, it was still hilarious and the final item, the neon light-up Sierra Nevada sign was pretty cool and garnered around $30. right after the auction, Institution and GMoon showed up and we all stayed for another drink before finally bouncing.

Institution stopped for pizza on the way home which i didn't want to eat, except i DID want 1 of the 4 perfect pepperonis on it (it was sicilian, thus square, thus only 4 pieces of pepperoni). however, that glutton didn't want to share it w/me! i tried to grab it and a melee ensued in which 1 of the pepperonis fell victim to the ground. see, if he had just generously given it to me it wouldn't have been wasted. perhaps next time he'll know better.

and also, Egg owes me $10 for losing a bet so if anyone sees him pls be sure to remind him.

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