Tuesday, October 16

flowers in the attic

Brantley recently hosted a game night and, like the dork that i am, i was giddy w/anticipation for it. Friday night rolled around and when i showed up at Brantley's the set-up was very impressive. she had delicious food laid out (thank god for Trader Joe's) along w/25+ bottles of wine (again, compliments of Trader Joe's). props have to be given to Brantley for her impressive hosting skills.

we started out playing Catchphrase, something i've never done before but am now completely in love w/. so simple, yet so complex. genius. there's only 1 prop and the premise of the game is taboo+hot potato. it took me a little to get it at 1st but i caught on much quicker in part due to DetroitRockCity's ultra-competitiveness. everyone knows how serious i take games. or maybe you don't, but that's b/c i hide it well. my super competitiveness stays hidden until i start losing. luckily for my friends, i'm usually on the winning side.

things really started to get dramatic when we played Pop 5. a product of the Cranium crew, Pop 5 takes a spin off the whole Cranium concept, in which you allot points for each clue category based on what the topic/card is. simple enough. the 1st time we played the teams were pretty much evenly split at random. ultimately we discovered: i rock at this game. aside from the time when i have to be a clue-giver, i'm an awesome guesser. i mean, guessing Metallica from a drawing of a scale and knowing the category's music? that's just genius. what really brought me to superstar status tho was the last question. Mike decided to sculpt the topic which we only knew was in the category "book." he started to sculpt what looked like a mushroom to me (Alice in Wonderland?) but which DRC guessed "flower." DRC guessed Flowers for Algernon and when this was wrong i immediately yelled Flowers in the Attic (and yes, the game had escalated to the point where we were always screaming our answers). the look on the opposing team's face was priceless. their jaws just sort of dropped and they were all stunned. turns out i'm the only person who knows about this book which surprises me b/c i remember it being a big deal when i was a kid due to the 80's movie. plus, who doesn't know about the book dealing w/brother-sister incest?

i felt even more vindicated when i saw a recent episode of Ugly Betty in which they made reference to the book in relation to the possibility of Amanda and Daniel being half brother-sister and having slept together.

after this round i became the golden ticket that everyone wanted on their team. Josh, bless his heart, kept adamantly demanding we be on the same team. ultimately it came down to boys vs. girls aka the gays vs. the breeders. the gays also got Egg by default (he did dance ballet in high school). they still lost. afterwards we headed towards Brazen Head for more drinks before i stumbled home around 3 am only to have to wake up to make PB &J sandwiches at 10:30 am for the APALSA kickball game at Prospect Park.

Co-chair came over w/a ginormous pumpkin spice latter (yea it's back! and bless his heart) and we made brown bag lunches for the event. it was an adorable concept and prob 1 of the most kick-ass brown bag lunches ever made: Oreo cookies (mint, double-stuffed and chocolate creme), fresh fruit( orange wedges and grapes), juicebox (apple juice/gatorade) and PB & J sandwiches (cut into 1/4s-it was so cute). we were literally making these lunches until the last minute but they went over well at the event, which also had a decent turn-out.

and mock my athletic ability all you want, but my team won. so nah-ni-nah-ni-nah-nah. of course i did have Chase Honeycup on my team. and i really pitched my ass off. don't believe me? i pitched so well i got Co-Chair to foul out.

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