Sunday, October 14

I Need to Work on my Lower Body

ok, let's see if i can do quick catch-up entries now that i'm trying to be more functional. Oppa, who i totally miss, had a going away-ish event at Branch a while ago prior to his trip to Korea (which is where he is now). but before i could meet up w/Oppa i had made plans w/FDR to meet up 1st.

i haven't seen FDR since the singles mixer, and in all actuality i haven't hung out w/him since ASW's wedding in Vegas. it was actually really good to see him again and he's just as entertaining and easy to get along w/as ever. i introduced him to Oni (i am such a good friend. how many boys has this girl met through me at this point? ahem) but w/Oni's ex hovering in the wings i think that's a pretty dead end and FDR's 1 of the few ppl who shuns Facebook so there's really no way for them to stay connected. Casper met us at Gaslight in Little West 12th, which was surprisingly packed (w/o making you wait in line, an anomaly for that area) but played some pretty good music which is always refreshing. we stayed for a little and then headed over to Park to meet up w/Egg who i had ran into on my way out of the apartment and had told me he would be there.

we got into Park easily (we were the perfect guy-girl ratio: 2 to 2) and even managed to locate Egg, only to find out he was ready to leave. in fairness it was around 1 or 2 am. the truly surreal part was who Egg was there w/: Chace Honeycup (or should it be cut? and yes, this is a pseudonym bestowed on somebody just last night) and AsianFetish, along w/some other BLS kids. call me a little prejudicial but Park is not where i imagine that group going (sans Egg).

we finally got to Branch to meet Oppa where Boys Club was there w/their ringleader who was completely wasted. they all ended up bouncing but Oppa being the good oppa that he is, stayed w/us until the end. Branch plays pretty good music and we all danced a lot, and since this was shortly after my Cali trip, i totally had to try Margaret's stripper dance move, but alas, i couldn't pull it off w/o something to hold onto. and my legs were totally sore the next day. props to Margaret for being able to do that move w/o holding on to anything. she must have thighs capable of breaking a thighmaster.

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