Thursday, October 11

i'm hungry...can you make me food?

Oni always takes care of me by feeding me whenever i'm hungry. on a particular night, i ran into Prez outside of Feil and, letting me know he's hungry, we called Oni who was on her way back from class. as soon as i said i was hungry she was more than happy to provide some dinner for me.

i feel so loved.
when Prez and i showed up at her apartment tho, she told Prez she was sorry but she didn't have enough food. this was pretty surprising since she was making mi-yuk gook (seaweed soup). when it came time to serve the food tho, the truth came out. it wasn't that she didn't have enough food, it was that she didn't want Prez to try her food since she wasn't prepared to feed him. meaning, it's fine to feed me whatever, but for Prez it had better be a tried and true recipe of deliciousness. i don't know how i feel about that, but either way i appreciate being fed when i'm hungry and the food's always good.

ultimately, she did feed both Prez and i and it was yummy.

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Anonymous said...

yummy indeed.