Sunday, October 28

La Boheme

w/o Debs in my life, i prob wouldn't have anything cultural/sophisticated to talk about, let alone anything truly exciting in the "real-world" sense of things. but luckily for you and i, she is in my life and so i have this entry.

Debs had bought tickets to La Boheme performed by the NYC Opera at Lincoln Center for her lil' sis who ironically wanted to see Rent instead of it (Rent is based on La Boheme, something i didn't know until Debs told me at the opera house) so Debs asked me to go instead. i was really psyched to go but worried too since i don't do too well at truly cultural events (i always fall asleep at ballets and orchestras/symphonies when they're held indoors). i didn't have to worry b/c La Boheme was performed beautifully and i really enjoyed it, at 1st straining to read the supertitles and then not caring about them near the end. gotta love that Puccini.

since it was Friday night, i'd already gotten a bunch of calls about events going on and was sort of relieved about attending the opera w/Debs since it took off some of the pressure of trying to figure out where to go and what to do. afterwards, we went to grab some dinner at Heartland Brewery in Union Square (pumpkin ale's now available. it tasted like a beer-y version of pumpkin pie so i was in heaven) before heading over to Slate for GJ's boyfriend's bday party where Prez was. i was excited for Prez and Debs to meet b/c i think they're both adorable ppl and they're both my pseudo-dates sometimes, plus they're amongst my friends w/the least drama which i love the most.

Debs only stayed for a little at Slate (she gets uncomfortable in super-Asian crowds having grown up all twinkie) and that's when random chaos started. Chipmunk, Snoopy and GMoon called (all separately) a bunch of times trying to get into Slate but the doorman was being a douche and wasn't letting anyone else in (it was only 1 am-ish at the time). turns out GMoon and Chipmunk were w/Institution and they'd tried to get in w/about 12 other dudes and no girls(way too much sausage to get in anywhere really). they all travelled over to meatpacking but Chipmunk came back around by himself and i got him in under the "he's-my-boyfriend-and-i-need-him-to-walk-me-back-home-so-pls-let-him-in" pretense. eventually the group went to ktown and Prez and i opted to get food at Kunjip where i ran into Snoopy (who seemed pretty pissed that i hadn't called him back). he went on to norebang while Prez and i and the rest of the group stayed.

turns out Institution and GMoon were eating at the Japanese place above Kunjip (i know ktown's small but sometimes it's a little too small) and we all finished around the same time and headed back to Feil (after a lot of loitering in ktown w/all the guys trying to figure out where to go next and where to meet girls-since i was the only girl at this pt). some of us ended up at Institution's apt drinking Modelos and talking about ridiculous stuff until 7 am. what a weird weird night. it started out so nice and classy w/Debs and ended so frat-ish w/Institution and the guys.

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