Tuesday, October 9

Bubby turns 25

as a non-related intro to the entry, i just wanted to discuss how much i'm loving fall tv right now. yes, yes, i'm a law student. how could i possibly have time to watch tv? well, this fact aside, i do watch a lot of it. after all, that's what i was born and raised on, being a latch-key kid and having super-Asian strict parents. i watched the premiere of Shot at Love last night w/Tila Tequila and i'm already hooked. 1st off, the girl's pretty damn hot right? and i'm dying to know is she gonna pick a girl or a guy? the girls are way more interesting right now tho i'm curious whether the butch-dyke ones will stay now they know Tila's bi. this show's just great for the Jerry Springer aspect of it and the previews show lots of fights and someone going to the hospital so i'm all about it right now.

ok, now on to the content. Bubby turned 25 (at last!). she's the young'n of our Smithie crew. we met up for drinks at Ginger Man Pub in midtown and i got to meet some of her work friends and Kiks and Shannon came too. the place is pretty much an after-work midtown bar w/lots of work-midtown types there. the impressive thing is the sheer amount of beers they offer. it's probably got around 200 options. being a fall, pumpkin kind of girl i stuck w/the pumpkin ale which was yummy but it's no match to the 1 offered at Heartland Brewery. glad to have got the chance to see Bubby and Kiks who i haven't seen in a while and also spend some time w/some non-Asians in a more pub-y setting as opposed to lounges and trendy bars i've been frequenting lately.

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