Wednesday, September 26

the pink black hole

i truly believe that if you hang out w/Pinky, you will get sucked into the black hole of laziness.

on a random late night outing, i was hanging out w/Pinky at his place until the wee hours of the morning. fell asleep around 7 a.m. and woke up around 1 p.m. at which time, Pinky being hungry, we ordered food. we order from a Thai place (which only has VOSS water, which cracks me up. what delivery place only has VOSS water?) and sit around watching 2 Hugh Grant movies (Love Actually and Notting Hill. such good chick flicks).

sitting there w/Pinky, i realized what a giant black hole his place is. he definitely lives a life of leisure (per se). he doesn't have to go in to the store unless something happens w/1 of his sales girls so then what could he potentially do all day and which he did the day i was there? he wakes up, orders food, watches tv and talks online, gets "other stuff" delivered to take up more of his time (you gotta love NYC for that. just about anything you can conceivably have delivered can be delivered). he doesn't even have to leave his apartment ever. i actually asked him about that, b/c by the time i'd left (b/c i'd been in the black hole long enough) he still hadn't ever once stepped outside (and it was a beautiful day), and he admitted that there were full days that he never left the apt. that's mind-boggling.

on the way home i realized what made it stick out the most. Pinky's got a pretty hot apt (it was that muggy weather period) and when he woke up he basically opted to just trudge around the apt in his boxers. and he answered the door for all the deliveries like that (for the "other stuff" that's more reasonable b/c i'm sure when they get delivery calls at 4 in the afternoon they're pretty much suspecting that your apt's a mess, you have delivery food laying around and you're not going into work any time soon). so basically, Pinky can go whole days w/o ever having to get dressed. ever. i'm completely bewildered.

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