Wednesday, October 3

I frown more often now

i've recently realized that my face in its natural state is often a frown. i'll be doing nothing, not particularly sad/mad, and i'll realize the corners of my mouth are turned down. when did this start to happen? i wonder if something in my life is making me subconsciously sad...

at least 1 thing won't be causing me to frown/stress anymore (and this took place a while ago but i'm a slow updater)as the Chipmunk-Oni drama finally ended. i think the straw that broke the camel's back was the night we went out to Ultra. Oni had met an MK promoter the weekend before and there was an open bar event at Ultra being sponsored by MK so we got in for free and enjoyed 1 hr of open bar (serving only vodka and tequila-blech). there was a hilarious incident w/getting Yuka in (being that she's only 20-and yes, apparently i'm hanging out w/all young'ns now) but everything went down w/o a hitch. Chipmunk and Oni had their own awkward drama going on but they both managed to enjoy themselves. the Ultra venue is pretty nice & not too big. there's a "VIP" area which is raised above the rest a little which is referred to as a treehouse (the name alludes to something much more grand than what it actually is-i wasn't that impressed).

i was maximizing the amount of open bar for that 1 hr which resulted in me feeling a little sick, especially in a crowded venue like that. about 2 hrs in i was ready to go home. Yuka had another event to go to and so we hopped a cab over to Little West 12th and seeing the VIP-ish line at the new place, i immediately opted to just go home. Oni came w/me and she made me bibim neng myun which was so much better than anything else that could've happened that night.

o and did i mention that we left the Twins at Ultra? yea, that was the straw that broke Chipmunk's back i guess. although recently Chipmunk's been making some Facebook endeavors to Oni again...

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