Tuesday, October 30

get out! shut up! no way!

Egg and i have both been pretty busy lately so we decided to take some quality time while being functional as well. he and i both had errands to do at Duane Reade and on Sunday he and i were walking over together when we passed a street fair going on on Court Street and since i hadn't eaten lunch we took our time while i looked for yummy street food.

i eventually opted for jalapeno-butter grilled corn which i munched on while we perused the wares which were all pretty ghetto (nothing that's not available every day on the sidewalks of Court Street). we ran into Co-Chair who name-dropped bowling leagues in Williamsburg and small clubs on Avenue B before we moved on to Duane Reade where we probably spent more than an hour at. the trip started w/buying a shower curtain for Egg and then we just got all caught up in the housewares area and i proceeded to get some stuff needed for the apt too and then we were walking up and down every aisle and Egg was maniacally pulling things off the shelf (a garlic mincer?).

what probably took the most time was when we perused the condom aisle. i've got to admit, i haven't really looked at what's available in a while but now that i have props should be given to the variety that's out there now. and almost everything's geared towards pleasuring the girl. warming lube, crazily ribbed for her pleasure, tingling lube, de-sensitizing for the male lube, and get this...cock rings! Egg and i were pretty impressed by that. what happened to the day when cock rings were novelty items you bought at the local St. Marks sex shop? there was even 1 condom brand that had a carrying case for your cock ring/cleaning wipes. crazy. we kept goofing off and examining each case and analyzing the weirdest things (like how big does Magnum mean? and is that girth/length?). i don't think i've had that much fun at a Duane Reade ever.

Egg kept laughing at me b/c i tend to react w/outrageous cries of "get out!" or "no way!" or "shut up!" whenever i see something interesting.

tingling lube condoms? get out!

to prolong the fun Egg and i dropped off our stuff and then decided to go grocery shopping together at
Trader Joe's in Union Square. it was Egg's 1st time shopping there and he was pretty overwhelmed and spent a crazy amt but well worth it since some of the stuff he bought will last longer and can be stored in the freezer. we'd meant to also make a stop at the Trader Joe's liquor store but by the time we finished grocery shopping the store was closed.

frozen edamame peas? shut up!

Egg was so excited w/all his new groceries that he made me a dinner of rosemary chicken stuffed w/sun-dried tomatoes and goat cheese and roasted potatoes and a dessert of strawberry mochi.

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