Thursday, October 18

San Gennaro Feast

yes, the San Gennaro Feast was a lifetime ago, but hey, whatevs, i'm always catching up on this blog. regardless, i couldn't pass up the opportunity to eat lots of yummy fried dough and sausages.

Egg and i went w/some others to Drea's bar event but it was really just a reason to go over to the San Gennaro Feast. it was pretty funny actually. all of us were clamoring for sausage. no matter what we said, it sounded perverted b/c it was all in the strain of how much we wanted the sausage. but nobody cared b/c it was deliciously worth it.

Egg also ordered some raw clams, which the guy shucked in front of us. they were surprisingly delicious and savory. and we managed to score a free 1 due to my love of sausage. i had just shared a fried oreo (which is another secret guilty pleasure. DAMN that is so so so good) and was clamoring about finding the sausage which made the guy shucking Egg's clams secretly smile so he hooked us up w/another free 1 just so i could try it. YEA!

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