Thursday, November 1

Mentor-Mentee '07

a long overdue post but i had to wait for pics to be available and thanks to Prez i can now put something up w/this post.

the 1st APALSA event that Co-chair and i had to plan together was the Mentor-Mentee dinner which is also 1 of the 1st big events of the year for APALSA so there was a lot riding on it. while it was definitely a stresser to find someone to provide food, order dessert, coordinate the set-up and clean-up crew, and then picking all these things up, overall i had a good time.

Co-chair and i decided to go w/variety for the food (from Sea Asian) and Asian desserts in the form of cakes from Tai Peng in Chinatown (green tea and Asian tiramisu-gotta love the Asian desserts: never too sweet but always light and delicious). the biggest pain was obtaining the wine. i went to Trader Joe's to pick up 2 cases of wine (1 red and 1 white) and luckily for me Egg was available to help me carry the cases home but even then they were reedonkulously heavy. after Egg and i got off the subway we stopped at BLS to pick up his stuff from the SBA office and i took the chance to call Adidas to come and meet us so he could carry my case of wine b/c at that point my arms were about to fall off.
even tho we ran out of food (can we pls RSVP ppl?) and wine (BLS APALSA really represents when it comes to the booze) i think overall the event was a success w/a really high turn-out and afterwards we all went to Trout for the after-party. Ultimately Prez and i ended up at our favorite Carrol Gardens Diner w/GJ and Chaeso where old APALSA e-board was also eating.

2 ppl ended up crying that night. i'm just glad i wasn't 1 of them.

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