Monday, February 25

why is kansas so windy?

b/c Oklahoma sucks and Nebraska blows!

i'm not sure how long Egg was waiting to tell this joke but when he finally did it was perfect timing. we were sitting at Floyd's and on the left side him was a guy from Nebraska while on the right side of him sat a girl from Oklahoma. how much better a set up for that joke can you get?

aside from that moment of hilarity, he was also involved in another pretty comical incident. when we 1st got to the bar (which smelled like fish that night-blech), we had to wait at the bar for a drink. all of a sudden a Dolly Parton song comes on and Egg, being Egg, loved it and he promptly said so. then this random girl sitting in front of us turned around and announced:

"this song sucks."

it was so weird! it's not like we knew her! and here she was striking up a random convo w/Egg while he had me and another girl already w/him. how did she know Egg wasn't 1 of ours' boyfriend? ok, so he's not, but still she didn't know that. regardless she goes through a whole spiel about how the song sucks and how Floyd's is so crowded b/c all tourists go there (implying Egg's a tourist) and etc. so when we finally get our drinks and join the others who have a table Egg immediately goes into what happened and i chime in about the boyfriend part and how that's such an immature way to start a flirty convo. this naturally sparks the interest of the ppl at the table who weren't there for this incident and they all start looking towards the bar to get a glimpse of this girl. we decide to send Egg back to the bar and stand behind the girl and point her out while we all watch. it was a pretty funny image. there's Egg, who's about 6 ft tall, standing behind the girl w/his finger pointing down at her from above her head while all of us at the table are staring straight at him.

i had't planned on going out for a drink but Egg convinced me and just based on the joke and that incident it was totally worth it.

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