Wednesday, February 27

alcohol blanket

thank god for Coleslaw or else my Valentine's Day would've just come and gone w/no special to-do about it. instead, she decided to have a little Valentine's dinner party for the girls which was exactly what the doctor ordered. however, since it's me, nothing's ever easy.

initially i wanted to go to Trader Joe's and pick up some wine to bring to Coleslaw's, so i gathered my stuff and planned to go after Professional Responsibility which ends at 4:00 pm. i trudged over to Trader Joe's in Union Square, spent 30 mins shopping around for wines, then waited in that always long line to check out. except, as i approached the register, i discovered i didn't have my ID on me (it's a boring and stupid story as to why). so of course, they wouldn't let me purchase the wine. but i was determined, so i hopped back on the subway and headed to Chinatown to run my 2nd errand which took about another hour (have you ever tried to find duck tongue in Chinatown? it's impossible! i'll have to ask Snoopy to recommend a place next time. and yes, some chinese ppl eat duck tongue, my family included. and don't say blech till you try it). i finally arrived back at Feil, picked up my ID and headed back to Union Square and waited in an even longer check-out line before being able to purchase the wine.

the guy at the register made the mistake of asking "and how's your day going," so i told him about my previous excursion and how they had denied me last time. the girl at the register next to him tried to spin it and said, "well you do have a young face" to which i promptly replied, "yes, i know, however i'm 25 and will be 26 this april which is a far cry from 21 or younger." to this she responded, "well we live under the NYU dorms so we can never be to careful." touche. whatevers, i know i'll love it when i'm 40 and ppl still think i'm 30 but honestly, stuff like that just blows right now.

i got back to Feil and then headed over to Coleslaw's (at this point it was about 7:30) where she had filet mignon and jumbo shrimp waiting for me (yea fresh direct!). she even went to the trouble of ordering a pound of strawberries and a fruit plate to go w/the chocolate fondue she made, as well as a chocolate plate full of goodies like brownies, chocolate chip cookies, milk chocolate bark and rugelah. it was a good time full of drinking, noshing and 90's dance party. around 1 am, everybody decided to head out to Brazen for more drinks but alas, i had to pack b/c i was going home for the long weekend and had to wake up at the butt crack of dawn to catch the bus home. by the time i'd finished packing it was around 3 am and i hit the sack for 2 hrs before getting up and heading over to Port Authority to catch the 6:45 am bus back to Jersey.

while at Port Authority i had to wait for the ticket window to open before i could purchase my ticket. there i was on the escalator up to my gate, groggily holding the ticket i'd just purchased 5 mins ago when my butter fingers dropped the ticket and it fell into the crack of the escalator. i swear, i was about to tear up. the 2 hrs of sleep, my reedonkulously heavy bag full of stuff to bring home, laptop and books, and slight headache from drinking had made me seriously grumpy and the ticket falling was the last straw b/c i knew i would have to purchase another 1 (which i did, even tho i tried to go to the operations controller but they couldn't do anything). i had just wanted to throw my hands up and say "why God why?"

see, nothing's ever easy for me.

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