Friday, February 15

wrecklessly snacking

i got a call from Egg to meet up at St. Marks. i immediately thought "KENKA" but he threw me for a loop by asking me to meet him at a new place: Gyu-Kaku. what? but then he told me they were doing a sort of happy hour food and pitcher deal and i was immediately in. when we went they were doing 50% off all kalbi short ribs and $10 pitchers of japanese beer. not a bad deal if you ask me...if you're curious about what the specials are on what days follow this link. and, if you actually know me, don't forget to invite me!

i invited Snoopy to come along since he lives so close to St. Marks and is usually always up to hang out. we ate to our heart's content of korean bbq, although it still ended up being a little hefty (and i may have overexaggerated the "heart's content" part-it was more like i've got to stop b/c we've eaten 4 orders of bbq between the 2 of us). the food at Gyu-Kaku is definitely good, but the portions are smaller than you would get going to k-town for bbq, but the price also reflects that (after all, it's half-off). there was a better highlight at the end of meal when we ordered dessert. god, Snoopy's such an enabler: whenever i go out w/him he just keeps encouraging me to order more and more food. such a bad idea for my wallet and my stomach. anyways, for dessert we got these asian green tea pancake things which you heat up on the bbq grill (they bring you a new one so you don't have to grill on top of the 1 you used to cook meat) and it being all warm makes all the difference. overall, definitely want to eat at Gyu-Kaku again but definitely only for happy hour specials which basically means i'll be eating tons of bbq meat and pitchers of beer.

after the meal, Snoopy suggested a sake bar that he knew of so we went over to Decibel for drinks. this place is definitely a hidden gem. very cool, low-key local sake bar feel w/an extensive sake menu and interesting bar food. Snoopy and i ended up ordering wasabi shumai (see, he's such an enabler!). but this was prob 1 of the best wasabi shumai i've ever eaten. i'm not exaggerating here, but there is a signifcant amount of wasabi in these shumai. everybody who had a bite had that extreme-wasabi-choking-cough. it was awesome. Snoopy, as it turns out, is a wasabi junkie and we ended up ordering another plate. my sinuses were super-clear by the end of the night.

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