Monday, February 11

why does he get that glass while i get this one?

It's the Year of the Rat! yes, it doesn't sound as cute as last year's Year of the Pig but there are definite benefits to being born in the Year of the Rat (altho i don't know much about Chinese astrological signs except from what I've read off chinese restaurant placemats so i can't think of anything right now).

Co-Chair and i, in order to prepare for APALSA's lunch event, went into the city to pick up some decorations and prizes for the raffle. on the day of the ticker tape parade. BIG MISTAKE. it was such a nightmare b/c no one was allowed to cross Broadway and we'd made the mistake of attempting to go to Pearl River Mart. we took the 2 train to Chambers Street but b/c we couldn't get onto Broadway or cross over to get to Chinatown, we walked all the way down to Rector Street and then took the R to Canal Street. once we hit Chinatown it was as if the parade wasn't even going on b/c it was completely empty.

i took Co-Chair to real Chinatown to try and find things and we did get some stuff before heading over to tourist Chinatown where we found everything we needed. go figure right? the APALSA Lunar New Year lunch was held in the student lounge and it was a mini-mob scene but in a good way, although we only served fried rice and lo mein (i know, not original, but great for a big crowd). there was a little stress w/planning the event but in the end everything seemed to work out and i'm just glad it's over and i have a breather before the next event.

that night i met up for dinner w/Oppa at Sushi Lounge on St. Marks. we gave it a try based on someone else's suggestion b/c Sushi Lounge does happy hour sushi deals w/50% of all sushi. if we hadn't met up so early we could've caught the 10:00 pm and after 1/2 price drinks deal too. Oppa ordered about 5 or 6 rolls just for himself. before he'd ordered he'd warned me in advance how much he was going to order and wanted me to watch the waitress's face to see if there was any change or awe in her expression. however, the waitress had no reaction whatsoever. i think Oppa's pride was a little hurt by that...

after dinner we decided to head over to Gama for a few drinks. Gama's the new korean place that opened up on St. Marks and i've never tried it. we didn't order any food but a party of 6 was eating up a storm next to the bar and even tho i was full, i was tempted to order a snack. we had the cutest bartender! Oppa ordered the drinks while i went to bathroom. i'd told him i wanted a Raspberry Stoli and soda but he only heard the Raspberry Stoli part so when i came back we each had different glasses. i had a short stout tumbler (the drink was on the rocks) whereas he had a skinny tall glass. i asked him why our glasses were different and this is what he said:

"she gave us glasses based on our body type"

WHAT!?!? of course he tried to save himself by quickly making it into a joke and then looking earnest as he swore up and down that he would never say that to me if it was even remotely true. sure, sure Oppa. so to get some revenge, when Oppa went to the bathroom i asked the bartender why she gave us different glasses (even tho i already knew at that point b/c i'd sipped my drink already). she told me why (o and p.s., Oppa had ordered a Stoli Vanilla w/tonic. he later admitted he likes to try all the girlie drinks w/me since he can't officially order them when he's out w/the guys) and then asked me why i'd asked her such a question. i told her what Oppa had said and her eyes grew wide and she instantly became my girl friend and was going on about how it doesn't matter who the guy is, he can't say that to a girl.

when Oppa got back from the bathroom and finished his drink, he ordered another 1 and the bartender gave him a dirty look and said he was mean. Oppa was totally stunned and then i started laughing hysterically. i had to wait until i was finished laughing before i could explain the situation to him.

see, this is why Oppa and i will obviously never date. we are SO oppa and tongsen.

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