Sunday, February 10

am i in high school? it sure feels like it

APALSA had its 1st welcome back event when the 2nd semester started. as if on cue, SALSA and another student org had their welcome back events on the same night, and SBA also had their Pre-Barrister's Ball event earlier in the night. however, all these events worked complementary to each other and created a large crowd of BLS students who were out for the night and bar-hopping from event to event. ppl started at Subotnick Center and had the option of moving to Brazen Head, Floyd's or Magetic Field.

i started the night at Subotnick Center w/Coleslaw where SBA was doing free wine and cheese (yea free!) then i jetted over to Magnetic Field to meet w/Co-Chair and help set up for the APALSA event, but not before inviting every person i knew at Subotnick to head to Magnetic Field to meet up for drinks (you've got to promote you're own event). the turn-out ended up well and i saw plenty of ppl i hadn't seen since break. Hi Goldilocks! Hi Oni! Hi Wifey and Adidas! i missed Egg, but he was excused b/c he had a note due the next day. even Chase Honeycup and AsianFetish made it out. it was a pretty hilarious night out w/an amusing tug-of-war situation re:an 1L and going to ktown for late night Kunjip and Coleslaw somehow having left her purse at Floyd's although she spent the rest of the night w/me at Magnetic Field.

the night ended w/Coleslaw, me and a couple of others stopping for food at the nearby deli. the guys we were w/were hungry for sandwiches and Coleslaw kept trying to persuade them not to get them, proclaiming how gross it was to get a sandwich from that deli. however, once we got to the deli, Coleslaw proceeded to get money from the ATM and then, as she watched their sandwiches getting made, turned to me and asked me if i wanted to split a sandwich w/her. we ended up getting a sandwich.

here's where high school comes in. Oni brought a date who apparently, in the world of Asian 6 degrees of separation knows some who knows someone i know. the relationship is as reedonkulously stretched out as it sounds: he is the brother of someone who's best friends w/the cousin of a girl who's the ex of my really good friend. phew! out of this reedonukulous Kevin Bacon chain, the only ppl i've personally met are the ones in bold. apparently, this cousin of the girl who's the ex of my really good friend heard i was talking about her. but i've never met her and have no real knowledge about her, personal or otherwise.

it's preposterous to think that somewhere out there, a girl i've never met and know nothing about thinks that i would want to talk about her. although, i am mentioning her now. but this doesn't count right? well, regardless, congrats to her, she's now made it and is someone i might passingly talk about! maybe that was the plan all along...

however, after discussing the initial preposterousness (is that a word? i doubt it but i'm claiming it anyway) of the whole situation i refuse to mention it again because i graduated from high school a long time ago

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